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In accordance with the Code of Virginia, any organization wishing to conduct bingo or other charitable gaming activities; or anticipating gross receipts of $40,000 or more from its raffle activities within any 12 month period, must file a Charitable Gaming Permit Application and submit a $200 nonrefundable application fee and if applicable, an additional $200 for any social organization seeking authorization to operate and conduct electronic pull-tab/electronic gaming payable to the Treasurer of Virginia, prior to commencing any charitable gaming activities.  Volunteer Fire Departments and Rescue Squads who have been recognized by their locality in accordance with § 15.2-955 of the Code of Virginia; or an organization anticipating gross receipts less than $40,000 from bingo activities are exempt from the application fee. Furthermore, any organization wishing to conduct bingo or other charitable gaming activities, except a raffle and it is not anticipating gross receipt of $40,000 or more from a total of no more than seven days per calendar year, must file a Charitable Gaming Registration Application.

Applications will be processed in the order in which they are received. The Office of Charitable and Regulatory Programs (OCRP) has 45 days to process completed applications. Incomplete applications will delay issuance of the charitable gaming permit.

To amend a current charitable gaming permit, such as changing times, dates or locations of the charitable gaming activity, submit a Permit Amendment form, which may be found below.  Please submit the Permit Amendment form as far in advance of the effective date of the change in order to give OCRP ample amount of time to process the form.

To update a current charitable gaming permit with information on any personnel involved in the management and operation of charitable gaming, such as President, Treasurer, Bingo Manager, Game Manager, or equivalent position, submit a Gaming Personnel Information Update form, which may be found below.

To temporarily suspend or permanently terminate a current charitable gaming permit, submit a Report of Game Termination form, which may be found below.

Organization Licensing & Registration Forms

Click here for Office of Charitable and Regulatory Programs contact information.

If you would like to file a complaint concerning charitable gaming activities in Virginia, call the OCRP complaint line at 804.371.0498.

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