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How Do I Become a Certified Registered Technician?

  • Receive at least 40 hours of training on the safe and proper application of pesticides under direct, on-site supervision of a Certified Commercial Applicator.
  • Apply to the Office of Pesticide Services to take the Registered Technician Examination.
  • Once you receive your authorization letter, there are two ways to take the exam:
    1. Take the exam on a touch-screen computer at your local Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) Customer Service Center.
    2. Take a written exam by appointment at a VDACS testing center. Contact the Office of Pesticide Services to schedule an appointment.
  • Maintain your certification by attending category-specific recertification session every two years.
  • Submit your completed renewal form to the Office of Pesticide Services every two years.

Visit the Maintaining Certification As A Pesticide Applicator webpage for additional information on training and maintaining certification.


Click here for Office of Pesticide Services contact information.

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