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Report Food Poisoning

If you think you have food poisoning or an illness caused by a food, call your doctor. If it’s an emergency, call 911. To report an issue to the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, please fill out this form, submit it by e-mail or fax it to 804.371.7792.

Report Conditions at a Food Manufacturer or Retail Store

If you have concerns regarding a food manufacturer or retail store, please fill out this form and submit it to your closest VDACS Food Safety Program regional office:

Northern Virginia
(North of Richmond, includes Charlottesville
Southwest Virginia
(Includes Harrisonburg and East to Prince Edward County)
Richmond and Tidewater Virginia
(Includes Richmond and Three Rivers)
Phone: 804.786.3520
Fax: 804.371.7792
VDACS Food Safety Program
P.O. Box 1163
3rd Floor
Richmond, VA 23218
Phone: 540.562.3641
Fax: 540.562.3649
VDACS Food Safety Program
2943-E Peters Creek Rd.
Roanoke, VA 24019
Phone: 757.363.3840
Fax: 757.363.3838
VDACS Food Safety Program
5700 Thurston Ave.
Suite 104
Virginia Beach, VA 23455

Click here for Dairy & Foods contact information.

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