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The Milk Commission ensures that Virginians have a constant, available and reasonably priced supply of milk. The Commission licenses all processors and distributors that sell fluid milk products in Virginia, preserves market stability and establishes monthly producer prices at competitive levels.

The Milk Commission was created in 1934. The Code of Virginia provides for a Commission that is comprised of four consumer members, two milk producers, one milk processor-distributor and an administrator, who is an ex officio non-voting consumer member.

Note that the health and nutritional requirements of fluid milk are regulated by the Division of Food & General Environmental Services in the Virginia Department of Health and the Office of Dairy & Foods in the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

Commission Members

  • Kevin Craun, Producer
  • Jessica Jones, Consumer
  • James Kerr, Producer
  • Paula Martin, Processor
  • Dennis Sugumele, Consumer
  • Rodrigo Velasquez-Soto, Consumer
  • Sandra Welsford, Consumer
  • Crafton Wilkes, Administrator

Scheduled Meetings, Minutes & Announcements



Crafton Wilkes
Administrator, State Milk Commission

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